How to help...

Help at the origin

Your support of any kind will enable us to stay in communities in the long term and build relationships with local partner organizations in Kenya as we focus on the changing needs of children and/or families.

...with a donation

You are welcome to transfer a donation of any amount to our account or order via Smile.Amazon and name Favour Foerderverein e.V. as the organization to be supported. Every donation helps. We strive to turn every € 1 into € 7.

We guarantee that every donation flows 100% into the projects.

...join our Foundation

Become a member...

Members of the association have the right to make suggestions for activities / projects and to receive information. You are welcome to attend the general meeting in accordance with our articles of association.

...Voluntary single person/health Workers

We invite Volunteers and all Health Professionals. Doctors, Nurses, students, Etc., who want to participate in Community Health care in our planned Programs. Please contact us for more Information.

...Participate in our regional events.

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