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The fiscal year of the organisation is the calendar year. The annual fee is tax deductible. Grant certificates will be sent at the latest at the beginning of the following year. Please contact us if it does not arrive. 

The membership ends with an informal written notice to the organisation. Send an E-mail to The termination is effective on the 14th working day after receipt by the organisation. We will send a confirmation by E-mail.

Bank Transfer

Favour Förderverein e.V.

Deutsche Skatbank

IBAN: DE27 8306 5408 0004 1258 43


Donations via PayPal

Via a PayPal account, you can donate easily and conveniently. You can also change or terminate a regular donation at any time in the settings of your PayPal account. 

The amount you enter will be paid monthly by your PayPal account to Favour Förderverein e.V.