Our Projects

The projects of the foundation target to:

...Improve access to and the quality of education.

...Improve the living conditions after the Motto "Help to self help".

...Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

This includes:

1. Helping needy parents so that they can help their own children.This will ensure that the affected children are healthy, educated and safe.

2. Providing clean water and sanitation that will benefit communities where needed. This includes building lavatories that promote Health protection.

3. Supporting people in their local community initiatives who have the same goal as ours, etc

"Afya" means health & well-being in Swahili. In Kenya, many children and adults die each year from preventable diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever, diarrhea and pneumonia, etc. Almost half of Kenyans can not afford a doctor's visit in case of illness.

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for his whole life. - chinese proverb

Hands that help are hands that build.


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