Our History

We save lives and shape the future of children and many families.

We focus on breaking the cycle of poverty.

We support with basic needs.

We reach places where no help has arrived yet.

We lived there ...

Small changes with a big impact.

In the circle of friends we founded the initiative "Favour Förderverein e.V." in 2018 with the vision to create a better future for childen and/or parents and individuals in Kenya. Even before the foundation, we have made every effort to support the needy in terms of health, education, counselling, livelihood support and so on.

Our target group are people in Kenya who live below the international poverty line. Our goal is to improve the living conditions in slams and rural areas in Kenya according to the motto "help for self-help"

Focus of our work

      1. Improving access and the quality of education.

2. Health promotion and disease prevention and treatment

Make our vision your vision. 

Help us to achieve our goals - to build the future of many children and families. Interested parties are welcome to visit and even participate in our local aid projects. Contact us for more information.

Help where your help is well spent. We only help where help is really needed.

How we work

Contributions from our supporters are distributed  according to the needs of children and families involved. This is to ensure that no needy person is left out because of lack of enough sponsors. Meaning that contibutions from one sponsor will support different families.

However, it is also possible for members to sponsor and support a child accordingly.


Meet the true heroes

Yvonne Gonschorek

1. Chairlady

It is always a blessing for me to share what I have with the less privileged. 

I was inspired to build this foundation through the fasting that God requires of us in Isaiah 58: 7 ... Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter-If you see the naked to put on ...

I am glad that many people are ready to fulfill this mission with me because it is a worthy course.

Nicole Büttner

2. Chairlady

The thought of helping needy people arose when I visited a place in Nairobi and right next to the nice place that I was living in was a slum full of hungry people begging for food and living in carton houses. It pained me.

I knew that I could not help everyone, but at least I could help a child with a meal. I realized that helping a child helped the whole family.

For this reason I am glad that I am able to be a part of this foundation so that I can help more families with a permanent solution.

Renee' Okingo


During my elementary and middle school I was glad to receive help from an organization that paid my school fees and other necessities based on my good grades. 

For this reason I am glad that I can also help the needy through this foundation.

Kelly Oketch

Implementing Partner in Kenya

As the director and clinician in-charge at keflo medical clinic in Kajiado County, my priority is to protect the health of my community. 

With my experience of working under an NGO for several years I have come to participate In many projects aiming for community development. 

To me, protecting the health, education and livelihood of a community is not just a job but a calling that everyone should gladly and actively participate in.

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